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Welcome to French Food Hampers. We are based in the Haute-Savoie department of Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region in France. We are close to the Chamonix Valley and the borders of both Switzerland and Italy, therefore ideally located for sourcing your special French Food Hamper gift.

Our aim is to provide you with fine quality food and wine along with other locally sourced goods from the beautiful Alpine region.

If you are looking for a French Food Hamper for yourself or as a gift, you are in the right place. Our products are produced locally in the Haute-Savoie area by local artisans and traditional family farms.

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Did you Know

Speciality French Food Delivery to your Door

Traditionally, a picnic is a meal taken on an excursion with you. Wicker hamper baskets are often used to carry the food and drinks. Ideally the late morning or lunchtime meal would take place in a scenic landscape such as the park, by the lake or in the mountains, hopefully with an interesting view. Other times picnics might happen are, in front of a public event such as open air theatre or concert in the middle of summer. Wicker hamper baskets containing food and drink items are popular gifts.

Picnic is originally a French word, picque-nique, which first appeared at the end of the seventeenth century. It later spread to Germany and other countries, but didn’t become widely known in English until after 1800. Picnic referred to a fashionable type of social entertainment in which each person who attended brought a share of the food.

In France the parks and lakes as well as motorway services are full of dedicated areas for picnicking, along with BBQ’s to facilitate hot food. French food usually takes the form of deli sandwiches, finger food, fresh fruit, salad, cold meats. Food, wine and champagne are often given as gifts.

In the Victorian era, picnics were very grand affairs indeed. In 1861 the definitive list of the Victorian picnic fare for England’s upper class appeared in Mrs. Beeton’s Book of Household Management. “One could not eat outdoors without tables, linens, crystal, chairs, servants — and gourmet fare, of course.” This is a far cry from our blankets, food hamper baskets and coolers, but the idea was ultimately the same. Food and wine were brought in hamper baskets to share and as gifts.

Over time, picnic baskets have also evolved. The open ventilation and the sturdiness offered by a wicker hamper has made it suitable for the transport of food gifts, hence the use of the picnic hamper. At some point giving food and wine hampers as gifts became the thing to do. Food hampers are popular gifts for Christmas, Easter, Birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Anniversaries, Mothers Day and Fathers Day, as well as many other occasions.

Wicker is furniture woven from any one of a variety of cane-like materials, including rattan, willow, reed and bamboo. Rattan is a natural material which still has its protective outer layer of skin, making the basket extremely strong and sturdy, and will stand the test of time if maintained.  Therefore, as such, wicker it is not an actual material, but a technique. The word wicker is believed to be of Scandinavian origin: vika which means to bend in Swedish, and vikker meaning willow. Wicker is traditionally made from materials of plant origin, but plastic fibers are now also used.

The Potawatami Indians believed there was an old lady who lived on the moon and weaved wicker baskets. It was said that when the basket had beed finished the world would be destroyed!

Baskets and basket weaving have been traced back to Egypt, at least 4,000 years ago. For a material that is not as hard wearing as stone or clay, the influence and appearance of wicker baskets in society has been long-lasting.

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Speciality French Food Delivery to your Door

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Bespoke Food and Wine Hampers

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Carefully Selected Artisan French Products

Our carefully selected range of artisan products are all produced in France, throughout the Alps and the Champagne Regions, to the highest standard from the very best locally sourced ingredients.

50cl Genepi

Produced in the Savoie department of the Rhone Alpes region to a traditional recipe.

75cl Jeepers Champagne Cuvée Grande Reserve

Cuvée Grande reserve Chardonnay shiny golden colour , mineral and floral nose. Silky, lively and fruity, notes of citrus fruits with attack and length. Champagne of extreme refinement.

75cl Chablis 1er Cru – 2014

The Fourneaux are located on south facing steep hillsides which give this wine a beautiful fruity and mineral texture.

75cl Condrieu – 2015

From the northern Rhone, this Condrieu is fresh, vibrant, mineral driven and a rich concentrated wine that poses ripe, summer fruit sensations.

75cl Château Haut-Marbuzet – 2012

Château Haut-Marbuzet is located between Cos d’Estournel and Chateau Montrose. This 2012 is a velvety textured, surprisingly lush, easygoing style of wine, with sweet tannin, medium body, nice black cherry and blackcurrant fruit. The use of oak gives a lush finish. Drink it over the next 8-10 years.

75cl Château Carbonnieux 2010 – Grand Cru Classe

Bordeaux Carbonnieux 2010 has abundant notes of tobacco leaf, roasted herbs, lavender, kirsch and blackcurrant, with soft tannins. Seductive, sensual and luxuriant, this bottle is rather Burgundy in its elegant style – tasty and evolved. To drink in the next 15-20 years.

La Marete Roussette de Savoie 2016

The dress is clear and brilliant, it takes on a golden yellow hue. The nose is rather complex, revealing a good intensity of white fruits (apricot, peach). This wine evolves on fragrances of honey. The well balanced and delicate palate ends on a powerful and very persistent finish.

75cl Vacqueyras

Very dark hue with crimson tints. Fairly subtle fruity nose with mineral and spice touches. Pleasant attack on the palate with substance. A robust, tannic style where harmony is imparted by fruit and freshness. An effective Vacqueyras.

L’égérie de Gallician

Beautiful pale pink in colour. Aerial nose combining floral and fruity notes. A touch of citrus fruit completes a beautiful palate of fruity aromas and sweet spices. You will appreciate this Rosé during your meals or around an aperitif. Serve between 16 °c and 17 °c this Rosé will give you its full aromatic power.

75cl Champagne la Perle des Treilles

Fine, light effervescence and persistent foam. The colour is rather yellow gold. Nose: frank and intense, it immediately reveals aromas of dried fruits, a beautiful intensity.

400g Tomme de Savoie

Produced in ski town of Megeve this cheese is a mild, semi-soft cow’s milk cheese with a light beige interior and a thick brownish-grey rind. Matured for several months in a traditional cellar, which produces the characteristically thick rind and adds flavour.

450g Reblochon

This particular Reblochon is from Combloux. Reblochon is a soft French cheese made in the Alpine region of Savoie from raw cow’s milk. This is the essential ingredient for cooking Tartiflette.

400g Tomme du Morge

Tomme is a generic term for a group of cheeses produced in the French Alps. Usually, Tommes are cheeses produced from skimmed milk after the cream has been removed to make butter and full cream cheeses. Consequently, they are low in fat. This one is made in Bourg Saint Maurice.

190g Pate Terrine de Savoie Beaufort

Discover the flavour of the legendary Savoyard cheese in this terrine.

190g Pate Terrine aux Noisettes

This delicate hazelnut flavour pate is delightful.

190g Pate Terrine de Campagne

Traditional countryside pate.

190g Pate Terrine aux Myrtilles

Blueberry pate, a nice harmony savory and sweet that, will delight lovers of this mountain fruit.

400g Noix de Jambon

The ham nut is a product very similar to cured ham. It is made from the most qualitative muscle of the ham: the patisserie nut. The recipe is simple and authentic, very little salt, nutmeg, pepper and a few other natural ingredients, a short salting phase and then a slow maturing in the cellar. Fumage is old-fashioned, with beech wood for several days.

350g L’Ancelle

True dried pork tenderloin marinated in the pine bud bark, a delicious product of Savoie, rare and unique made by Mont Charvin on the shores of Lake Annecy.

135g Chocolate

Handmade in Annecy by the excellent Chocolatier Dames de Savoie.

250g Chocolate Chip Cookies

Made with rich butter from the Savoie Alps.

1kg Jambon de Savoie

This cured ham of Savoie, is a beautiful natural colour, with its refined flavours and its subtle aromas of hazelnut notes make this a high quality product, renowned throughout France.

185g/500g Saucisson Fume Natural

This smoked sausage will satisfy the most demanding connoisseurs with its simplicity and its balance.

185g/500g Saucisson Campagnard

The country sausage, you will find the true taste of artisanal sausage thanks to its “old style” hashing, its large natural casing and carefully selected spices.

300g Grelots aux Noix

Famous in the Savoie Alps these small cured sausages packed with walnuts are ideal for an aperitif.

500g Pain de Epice au Miel

Traditionally made artisan cake with spices and honey.

350g Confiture Myrtille

Blueberry jam handmade on a family farm for generations in the Savoie Alps.

350g Confiture Framboise

Raspberry jam handmade on a family farm for generations in the Savoie Alps.

340g Miel et Rayon Acacia

Golden Acacia honey from Perronneau one of the finest producers of honey in France.

100g Caramel pur Beurre de Savoie

Caramel sweets made with rich butter from the Savoie Alps.

100g Caramel pur Beurre de Savoie Myrtille

Caramel blueberry sweets made with rich butter from the Savoie Alps.